Tuesday, June 19, 2007

less than 3 days

That's right.... less than 3 days and my new grab bag will be released! I am so excited about this one. It has so many fun things in it. This is definitely a bag I'd be thrilled to buy.

For those of you who got in on my free grab bag promotion, you'll get it tomorrow!! I'm so excited to be able to send it to you all. I'm putting the finishing touches on it right now (well as soon as I get my kiddos to bed!)

Is anyone up for another sneak peek? Just a tiny one? Ah, heck, why not? Here it is....

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What do you think we have here? Any guesses? If you'll remember, I said before that my preview had a hint on it... notice that these beads are the same color as the package on my preview? I was sneaky, lol!

Alright... time for me to get my little ones to bed. Its been a looong day for them (and for me!).


Jamie said...

OooHHH!!! I can't wait to get the grab bag and see what is in it!! I am so excited!!!

Laura said...

Loving what I see so far :) :)

Jamie said...

cant wait to see it