Sunday, February 27, 2011

pardon the dust

I am making a few changes to my page so I do hope you will excuse me if you come by and things don't look quite right. I should be finished with the changes soon though and back with something NEW. The creative juices are flowing and I'm excited about this new kit. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a new adventure

I'm starting a new adventure! I love new beginnings. I didn't always like change so much but I am learning to appreciate change and though I am sad about the closing of Elemental Scraps I am excited about this new chapter in my design adventures. Its great to branch out and meet new people, get new ideas, learn new perspective and challenge myself to go even further. Thus, I am super excited to announce my new store at Funky Playground Designs! I am working on some brand new goodies to be added soon as well as doing a little face lift of my logo, blog, etc. You may have noticed some changes already. With these changes I have a lot of hope that I will be able to keep up with blogging a little better than I did in the past. However, if I fall behind, just catch me on facebook because I'm always there. LOL Anyway, head on over to my new FPD store and check out some old (well, not really old but previously released) favorites that have made their way to FPD. I'm having a grand opening sale-a-bration! I will be sending out some random coupons to customers who purchase during my grand opening as well!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terms of Use

I thought it was time I posted my TOU where it is more readily available. If you have any questions about my TOU or my products in general you can always contact me directly through my facebook page or email me. I try to keep track of comments posted on the blog but some do slip by so anything important should be directed to me elsewhere. And now... here are my terms of use.

License Agreement _ Personal Use Products

These images are Copyright © Sherri Tierney, 2011 (all rights reserved). By purchasing these images you are obtaining a "license to use" these graphic images and designs and are agreeing to the terms of this user license. These images are for personal use only. They may not be reproduced for sale or redistributed in any way. No commercial use is permitted. If you have questions concerning this license agreement, please use the information below to contact the designer.

What you can do:

* Use these graphics for your own personal layouts.
* Recolor, resize, and otherwise change these graphics for your own personal layouts.
* Submit your layouts using these graphics online
* Submit your layouts using these graphics to publications as long as credit is given to the designer as required by the publication.
* Use these graphics in your scrap for hire or small photography business. Please see details below.
* Use these graphics for use on your personal blog or non-commercial website. If you are creating blog or website graphics for others to use on their personal, non-commercial blog or website a copy of the kit must be purchased for each blog and or website that it will be used on.

What you can NOT do:

* Change these graphics in some way and claim they are your own.
* Resell or redistribute these graphics in any way.

**** Guidelines for Scrap for Hire or other small business owners ****

You may use these graphics in your business without any additional licensing fees provided you follow these simple guidelines:

~ Any graphics provided to your client must be either printed or presented in a flattened version (.png or .jpg).
~ If you have an online gallery of design examples available to your clients, I ask that a small line of credit be given when my kits are used. If, however, you are providing your clients with physical prints, no credit is required.
~ My quickpages may be purchased to use in your business but the license shall only extend to one customer at a time. If you wish to use the same page more than once, I ask that you purchase the quickpage set again. Using one page for one customer and a different page from the same set for a different customer without purchasing a second set is, however, acceptable.

Basically, I ask that you be respectful and not use my products in a way that will compete with my business. I ask that you provide your customers with a print ready image (or a print) with the exception of journaling that they may need to include themselves.

License Agreement _ Commercial Use Products

These images are Copyright © Sherri Tierney, 2011 (all rights reserved). By purchasing these images you are obtaining a "license to use" these graphic images and designs and are agreeing to the terms of this user license

Short and sweet... :)

No credit required when using my CU products. You may use these products in the creation of your own kits, element packs or alphabets. I ask that not more than 30% of your product be created from my product (with the exception of alpha templates and then I just ask that they be altered in some way (filled, recolored, etc.) so that they are your own. Please do not use my product to create other CU products. These products MAY be used for collaboration contributions to store kits, personal collabs, etc. They may also be used for freebies.

My Scrap Maps page templates are CU friendly. You may use these templates to create quickpages to sell in your own digital design store or you may use these to create freebies to showcase your designs.

In the case of my Fill Your Own Alphabets, here are my terms as taken from the product description.

**Designers, with this commercial use version you can create alphabets to sell in your digi shop! My terms are simple. No credit is required. You must actually 'fill' the alphabet with something, paper, elements, photos, etc. The finished product provided to the customer must contain the fill. These may not be resold without something under the top layer. These may also not be resold as commercial use items. By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the proceeding terms. **