Thursday, August 31, 2006

some exciting news!

I am thrilled to say that I will be moving on with my designs! After nearly giving up, I am so excited to be given such an opportunity! I have been blessed in a big way and I have been invited to join some very talented designers! You can find my 'Passion for Pink' paper pack at One of a Kind Scrapz I will be putting some of my kits that were available at ScrapMommies up soon as well as releasing some new designs. I am very excited about Passion for Pink though, so I just have to show it off!

This was inspired by a friend of mine who just finished a 3 day walk for breast cancer. I think we all know someone who has been affected by this disease. My own grandmother had a double masectomy when she was younger than I am due to breast cancer. When I was pondering my friend's dedication to the cause, I decided that I should be doing something to. Thus this paper pack took a turn from where it was originally. It is available for just $2.50 and all of my proceeds will be donated.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've been tagged!

Maria tagged me with this: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Dont forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!

1. I love the smell of crayons, play doh, lipstick and money.
2. Repetitive sounds give me a headache. Video games and sports commentary are among the biggest triggers.
3. When I drink or eat something cold my mouth gets numb and I can't pronounce my words correctly.
4. When I laugh, my muscles turn to jello. I can hardly stand up if I am laughing hard. My family takes advantage of this, LOL!
5. I have this habit of starting a conversation with the phrase "like I was saying" when I hadn't been saying anything before then.

I think I'll have to tag... Lawanda, Gwen, Bonnie, Jennifer and Andrea. :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

short lived?

maybe... or maybe not.

The news is out, ScrapMommies has closed its virtual doors. I feel like an orphaned child now, left homeless. Just when I was getting really comfortable too, LOL.

Anyway, I find myself full of debates on whether or not I should persue designing further. Honestly, I love it. I feel strongly that my designs are getting better with each kit too. I've saw myself change and grow as a designer just in the past few months. To give it up would be be a shame. I'm not full of myself, thinking I'm a superb designer and that everyone wants to run out and buy my stuff, but I do think I have something to offer and I would like to explore that further.

So, since I am looking for a new community to become a part of and a new place to sell my designs at, I decided to use this blog as a way to 'pimp' myself (maybe I should use the word promote, eh?) . I'm going to post some of my kit previews to give everyone a peek at my work. I might even offer another freebie or two. ;)

First off, one of my favorite kits. Its called Father and Son. I had so much fun with this one. Lots of fun patterned papers with a slightly distressed style. The solids remind me of suede. :)

And the element pack that goes with it...

I love all of the brushed metals in this kit, the washers and dog tags also make it pretty masculine. :)

Next is Summer Citrus. I love the colors in this one. It was a lot of fun to do!

Sidewalk Chalk would have to be my first official kit. I had a ton of fun with this one, it became a project that my 3 year old (now 4 and growing way too fast) helped me with.

Here's a fun layout I did using this kit.

Another bright, cheery and fun one I did is Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows. The colors reminded me of the snowcone shack we visit. The fun patterns over took me. Since creating this kit, I found a shirt for my daughter that says "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" on it and even matches the colors of this kit. It is just begging to be scrapped, LOL!

Right in time for the 4th of July, I released 'Seeing Red (White and Blue). I just love this kit and I have scrapped with it more than I have any of my others.

Here are a few of the layouts I scrapped with this one... aren't my kids adorable??

'My Girl' and 'My Guy' are two mini kits I released early in August. They were a lot of fun to work on. I had taken a short break from designing while my stepson was visiting so it was nice to get back in the saddle, so to speak. Here they are...

Fun glitter flowers, a gold charm, glitter word art, alphabet...

Super cool silver charms featuring stick figure guys doing the things guys like to do. :)

And, the last one for now... a kit I did as the prize for a challenge round over at ScrapMommies (I'm really going to miss those challenges!), I bring you 'At The Movies'

Anyway, that's not all, but I'll leave it here for now. I have more kits completed and more in the works. Even if I don't find a new 'home' right away, I'll continue to create because I love it!

Monday, August 21, 2006

oh, baby baby

So, I have this kit in the works. I don't use my own kits to scrap with often enough. I think its because I'm tired of looking at them by the time I've finished them. Well, this one isn't finished yet. Therefore.... you guessed it... I want to use it! LOL. Last night I did just that.

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This is my little guy's first bath. I've wanted to scrap it for a while and just never got around to it. Thanks to Traci Reed's layered sketch for this challenge round (check out the challenges at ScrapMommies!) I was able to get this finished and use some of the fun papers from this huge kit I'm working on!

Friday, August 18, 2006

cool girls

Okay, so I admit it. I want to be like one of the cool girls. I was never one to succumb to peer pressure but this time they got me. I just had to have one... I couldn't help myself! So, here it is... my design blog.

Really, I kind of like the idea of having a place to keep my scrappy stuff seperate from my family stuff. Those checking in on my family blogs to gush over my two adorable kids would most likely not want to hear about the new trick I learned in Photoshop or that the kit I'm working on has almost 100 papers (its true, I can't stop myself!). The same goes for the crowd who is visiting to see if they can find any freebies or learn about any sales... I don't think they would want the low down on what the bub ate for lunch or how often I had to put his diaper back on him during his streaker escapades. Yes, keeping everything seperate is probably a good idea!

Before I get any farther, I have to tell you all, I have been a bad blogger in the past. I don't update nearly as often as I plan to and when I'm crunched for time the blog is the first thing that goes. That said, if you are lurking around waiting for a new post, give me a holler! If I know someone is reading this I will be much more apt to update!

To start out the festivities and initiate the new blog.... here is a little freebie!

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To download it Click Here

I'd appreciate some love for my blog if you download. ;)