Thursday, September 08, 2011

a little updated info

Hey there! I hope that this gorgeous September day finds you all doing well (and that it truly is gorgeous where you live as well!) and thriving! I just wanted to take a minute to update you on the status of my design biz.

I have left Funky Playground Designs and I am now selling exclusively at A Cherry On Top. My store over there isn't too full but you will find most of my more current items. I will be adding more very soon (some new, some stuff that is wasting away on my hard drive begging for some shelf time at the store). My decision to leave FPD was a difficult one as I really enjoyed being part of a great team and getting to know all of the designers and community members there. I found that I simply wasn't very productive these past several months and it didn't make since for me to take up space in more than one store when I am not actively designing (not that I'm 'not' designing, I'm just doing it every so slowly right now!). So, you can find my goods at my ACOT store and right now I have a huge $1 sale because I'm too lazy to switch prices back. LOL

In other news, my kiddos are both in school now. My son is getting ready to finish out his second week of kindergarten and my daughter has settled nicely in to 4th grade. I am struggling a little with the concept of being a stay at home mom without any kids to mother. I've had a little one in my care day in and day out for the past 10 years (even before my 9 year old came along I cared for my cousin's daughter) and suddenly here I am in this big, quiet house trying to figure out where I belong!

I figured that the natural thing to do would be to catch up on all those projects that I've been meaning to do the past several years but in starting them I am just creating more messes to clean up so I spend my day between painting this, fixing that, throwing out something else, sorting, organizing, creating, etc. I've been doing a lot of work in my office and I am starting to get really excited about my fun new space. This room before just screamed 'boring' and I am working to make it an inspirational place to work. I hope that in doing so my creative mojo will be overflowing and I will find the desire to work on all of these kits that are sitting in my head waiting to come to fruition.