Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Call!

I will be sending out $3 coupons in my next newsletter and it is coming soon! This is just to let you know that you can still sign up as a subscriber and receive your coupon! I am working with a new newsletter service and will be sending more regular newsletters now. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slowly but Surely

I'm making over my blog. If you pop in and see things completely wonky, don't fret. I'm trying to spruce up the place a little!

Its been quiet around here lately because I'm taking the summer off. Well, mostly... I will have a few posts here and there and a few new products (and a few GREAT sales!) but for the most part I'm just relaxing and spending the summer with my family. My husband is working lots of overtime right now and with the kids home from school that makes it hard for me to think sometimes, let alone sit and design!

So, in case you were wondering... yep, I'm still around. I'm just laying low and having fun this summer! I hope you are all enjoying your summer (or winter as the case may be!) as well!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Its Officially Summer! How about a Blog Train?

Can you believe it? Its officially summer? The past month has been hot and humid and we are already feeling summer full force so I fear that July and August are going to be absolutely miserable! Fortunately we have a pass for the pool, great AC and lots of electronic gadgets to keep the kids busy and out of the heat. Never the less, the first day of summer should be celebrated!

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