Monday, June 06, 2011

another anniversary and a freebie!

I realized this morning that today marks another June anniversary for me. June has been a month that has held many events throughout my life that have molded me in to who I am today. Its a pretty significant month for me. The only two that come close are May and November. Are there any months that stand out more than others for you?

19 years ago today my grandma, two younger brothers and I boarded a plan in Phoenix and made the 2 hour trip from Phx to Tulsa. We left behind our lives in Arizona and made our way to Kansas with only what we could carry in suitcases and a few boxes shipped through UPS. It was a huge change for us as a family and a real culture shock for me. I was excited for the new adventure but couldn't help wondering if we were making the right decision to move. In the end, that decision changed the course of my life and since I love my life it was obviously the right move. Had I not moved my husband and I would not have ended up together and I wouldn't have these two awesome kids that I have. For someone who doesn't always deal well with change, I'm glad I took a chance on making a huge change 19 years ago!

Speaking of anniversaries... we're still in the middle of celebrating 5 years of Designs by Sherri Tierney!! If you have not been to the Funky Playground Forums lately, I suggest you hop on over there and check out my challenge in Inspiration Station. Each challenge participant will receive a $5 coupon to my store (good on PU or CU so designers, feel free to play along!). You can also visit my facebook page to pick up a special facebook exclusive party favor quickpage. It is one in a set of 4. These will only be available for free in June and will be released to my store in July so pick them up now 'cause free is a good thing. ;) If you like free, you may want to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already because one of the 4 pages from the quickpage set will be a newsletter exclusive. In addition to this 4 page quickpage set there will be other freebies and giveaways throughout the month so be sure to keep stopping by!

And now, the freebie I promised.... this one is a blog exclusive good through the month of June. After June it will join the others as a set in my store so be sure to grab it now and to look for the others. As I mentioned, the first page can be found on my facebook page. Click on the picture to download page #2!


Now, I'm off to work on some other fun things for this month and get a few more products released to my FPD store. See you in digi-land!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

5 years and a new release

Good morning, digi-land! Can you believe it is June already? I really can't figure out where the time has gone this year. January seems like it was just days ago. As a kid I used to think time went by so slowly and could never figure out why adults said it flew by. I sure get it now!

Our summer break is off to a good start here. We are working through the first few weeks of craziness that comes with the sudden change in routine but I am planning things to keep my kids occupied and we are looking forward to a nice summer filled with lazy days and evenings at the ball park.

So, let me address the elephant in the room (or on the blog!)... yep, I fell behind in blogging, again. I'm not so good at this blogging thing, am I? I am going to try, once again, to be more diligent about posting here and we'll see how I do. Feel free to scold me if I disappear again!

This month is my 5th anniversary as a designer. That statement takes me right back to the notion that I can't believe how fast time flies. Five years ago when I started this journey I had two little kids, one not much older than 6 months. My oldest was starting her second year in preschool and the thought of my baby being in preschool was beyond imaginable. This fall my baby starts kindergarten and my oldest is off to 4th grade. My life has changed in so many ways since those early days but I love that I have had the digi community to be a source of support and friendship during all of that. I have lots of fun stuff planned this month to celebrate my 5th. I hope you will follow along with me, participate in my challenges, join me for a chat, and snag a few deals and freebies along the way.

Now for the good stuff... I have a new kit! Okay, its more than a kit, its a whole collection. I have been busy. This collection occupied my time for a couple of months. That's pretty unusual for me as I'm typically pretty quick when it comes to designing but this had to be just perfect. My daughter is turning 9 at the end of this month and she requested this kit for her birthday party. We had her party last Friday (early, but much more feasible with everyone's summer plans) and it was perfect. We made hybrid decorations, banners, pinwheels, invites and more from this collection and I was so pleased with the results. I will probably release the printables to my store later in the month but I am excited to present Fruitalicious (and the Birthday Girl add-on)!

Isn't that collection all bright and pretty? I love it! It prints up just gorgeous too. I made my daughter a photo book through Shutterfly using bits of all of it and it looks amazing! Right now my entire store at Funky Playground Designs is on sale for 30-50% off so hurry on over to check it out! The value bundles are a particularly good deal right now. The bundle base price is 40% off the retail of the individual pieces AND the bundles are on sale right now making the discount even greater!

Have a great Tuesday! I hope your June gets off to a fabulous start!