Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm a clutz!

There is no doubt about it. I am a huge clutz. A few weeks back I fell off my bicycle (in front of people we know no less!), I constantly stub my toes on things around the house and today I fell and hurt my hand and ankle. Fortunately with some heavy doses of ibuprofen both are feeling better but it sure didn't feel good when it happened!

Anyway... the main purpose of this post was to let you all know that I'm hosting a chat at DST tomorrow, 9pm EST! I'll be giving away a layered template as part of a layout challenge. If you complete the challenge and post your layout (PMing me with the link), I'll send you a little goodie for participating. I'll also have a little freebie for you just for coming! It should be fun! I can't wait!!

Today has been a crazy day. Dh is working long hours and its throwing us all off. I feel as though I'm getting nothing accomplished. Hopefully taking the kids out to story hour at the library tomorrow will give us that much needed break.... if, of course, the little guy stays happy!

One thing I did do today was sit down with my 4 (almost 5!) year old and scrap a page for her. She told me what she wanted on it and where. She even told me how she wanted the paper torn. She decided on the title and I added my own journaling thoughs. We used my Caitrin kit papers for it plus a new alphabet that will be coming soon. Will it be in the store? Maybe. Will it make its way into a grab bag? Possibly, LOL! Oooh the suspsense! Anyway, here's the layout...

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If you like that frame we used, you'll be happy to know I'm giving it away to my blog readers!! Its decorated as shown on the layout and you can download it HERE. As you can see, it coordinates rather nicely with the Caitrin kit, so if you have the kit you might want to grab the frame!

In design news, I'm busy working on my next grab bag... the Birthday Bash Box of Baubles. Isn't that a mouth full? Can you say it 10 times, fast? LOL! Anyway, this box will be filled with lots of great stuff and everyone who has gotten in on my Grab Bag promotion will receive this fun box! (Yes, I'm calling it something different, but it is technically my next grab bag. :) ) Many of you have already qualified to get this box for free! If you haven't, there's still time! Just make any purchase of my products from Elemental Scraps or One of a Kind Scrapz through June 15th and I'll send you this baby FREE! I'll be sending out the links on or before June 20th! You'll have this in your hot little hands before it is released to the general public! Look down a few posts for more information... and here's a sneaky peak at my birthday box... there might just be a hint of what's inside....

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For my OAKS customers, this box WILL be available at OAKS as well as ES, I just haven't gotten my preview done for there yet. This time, the same 'grab bag' will be available at both stores.

Time to log off and go spend some time with my night owl children!


Becky (bekalab @ digi shop talk) said...

Ok - That frame is just absolutely too adorable. Thank you so very much for sharing.

Purple Princess said...

I love this frame... thanks so much for sharing it.