Thursday, March 20, 2008

pink eye?

I think my little guy has pink eye. He has horrible allergies (both our children do, of course both of their parents do too) and yesterday was a bad allergy day. His nose was leaky and he kept coughing. His eyes were fine at first but soon started to have a little green discharge in the corners. It concerned me but my husband told me not to worry, said he probably wiped his nose funny and got it in his eyes or something, he is 2 after all. Of course, it didn't happen until right as the doctor's office was closing so I couldn't call to get him in. I started watching and finally got on to WebMD to see if I could find anything about pink eye since I just had a feeling. Since his eyes were only leaky at the time and not pink I just took note of the symptoms and started to watch him. He fell asleep on my lap and when he woke up his eyes were red. It definitely looks like pink eye. Dh had to run out last night to take a video back (August Rush... awesome movie!!) and he stopped by Walmart and picked up some drops for the little guy's eyes. We put them in last night and within 20 minutes the discharge was gone as was the watering. His eyes are still a little pink this morning but not at all like yesterday. I'm just watching him closely to see what happens. I hate to be that parent who runs to the doctor for every little ailment but I also don't want to be that parent that misses something important because they are afraid of looking bad if it isn't important. Catch 22, isn't it. This parenting stuff isn't always easy!

So... Easter is on its way. What will the bunny bring to you? I am hoping for some new digiscrap goodies since I haven't done a layout since early February. I was over at DST yesterday just browsing layouts and I really want to scrap!! Anyway, the kids aren't getting a ton this year. We are to the point of being over ran with toys and I can't see bringing many more in the house. They are getting a big water park toy. It doesn't have the best reviews on Amazon, but it holds water and my boy will LOVE it. I only paid $6, including shipping, so no complaining here! The bunny is going to hide it in the yard and have the kids do a treasure hunt to find it. Fun stuff!

In design news... Elemental Scraps is getting ready for a new look. It is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait! I wish I could give a peek but Joedee would probably hang me by my toe nails if I did! Anyway, because of that I'm up to my eyeballs in redoing previews with the new template. I love the new preview look but I hate doing previews in general so I find myself doing everything but. I have 30 some done and another 60 some to do. A lot of products are retiring, some simply because I dread previewing them again! LOL Here's the little ad I posted at DST. More products will be added.

It makes me a little sad to retire things but its time. My design style has changed so much that I really need to move on. If anything catches your eye though, get it before its gone!


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