Friday, March 14, 2008

2 for 2...

Can you believe I'm posting again? I can't. LOL! That's okay, I seriously doubt anyone even read my post from yesterday given how often I usually blog! I wanted to jump up and down and scream to the world that I actually DID post on my blog but I refrained. Maybe after I have made more than two posts in 9 months!

So, yesterday I mentioned my boy and how he was sorta playing around with the notion of going to the potty... well, yesterday he went on the potty, by himself, TWICE! Woohoo!!! I'm so excited. He went upstairs and was sitting on the potty when my hubby went up to grab some clothes. He asked the little man what he was doing. "Going potty" he said. DH went in to grab the clothes and when he came back out the little one had gone. The evidence was all over the front of the toilet seat and down the back of his sweats. We were so excited despite the mess! He's only 28 months and he's taking it upon himself to potty train. I wouldn't have started until he was 3.

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that I am working to make positive changes in my life. One of them has to do with taking better care of myself. I've made no secret of the fact that I have an addiction to diet pepsi. Drinking a 2 liter bottle a day just isn't (wasn't) unusual for me. If I was stressed out, I'd drink even more. I'm happy to say I've all but given up the habit. :) I haven't sworn it off completely but it is amazing how much I have cut back!

For my birthday my husband bought me this fancy electronic water bottle called a HydraCoach. It keeps track of your water intake, suggests how much water you should be drinking a day and gives you the results of your efforts in either ounces or % of your goal met. After 24 hours it starts blinking and you have to reset it so there is no cheating and drinking for 3 days just to meet your goal. LOL Apparently some girls he works with use them at work and try to get in their 64oz while they are at work each day. He thought they were nifty and took note of what they were called. That very day I started talking about how I wish there was something to motivate me to drink more since I had realized I went 3 full days without a single drop of water... only diet pepsi. He sat down and ordered one of them for me right then (without me knowing it). When I first opened it up, I felt a little cheated. I'll be honest. It didn't seem like much of a birthday present. I have every type of sports bottle under the sun. I always buy them and think they will help motivate me to drink but it never happens. What did I need yet another bottle for?

The first day I used it and drank a little from it but I just wasn't feeling it. The next day I tried again. The third day I let it sit all day and drank more diet pepsi than normal. My 5 year old asked me why I wasn't using my new birthday present. I guess you could say she guilted me in to trying it again. This time I actually managed to drink a full 64 oz. The next day I did it again. I've been using the cup now for about 3.5 weeks and I've bumped my goal intake up from 64 oz to 80 oz. Most days I drink around 100 oz. Today I got a late start and just reset my bottle from last night. Its been 33 minutes and I've drank 33 oz, or 41% of my goal for the day. I really love my sports bottle now and I have felt SO much better since starting to drink more water. I haven't missed the diet pepsi at all. Every now and then I think that one would taste good, and sometimes I even indulge in a drink but for the most part I've given it up. Now, instead of buying 10 2 liters every week (and sometimes going back for more), I'm buying 1 for the week and last week I didn't buy any! The most exciting thing to me is that I can have a bottle of it sitting here in the house for days on end without me touching it. Its not a willpower struggle at all, I just don't feel I have to have it.


Rose said...

Woohoo! That's super great!! I'm a coke girl myself, and I'm trying to give it up! It's hard. I can go a week or so but then . . . ahhhhh. But I'm drinking my water everyday, of course I don't have a nifty bottle to tell me when I'm at goal. LOL