Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am a sucky blogger

Yes, it is a harsh statement, but it is true. I suck at blogging. I go full force for a few days and then slack off. Its been like 9 months since my last entry and I have no excuse as to why I haven't been posting. Heck, I don't even have a reason why I am posting today. LOL

I guess my thinking is that I have been making some other very solid and positive changes in my life lately that I should be able to start blogging again and incorporate it as one of my new lifestyle changes and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to keep up with it.... you think?

So, let's see... what is going on? Well, nothing much has changed other than the fact that I have a kindergartner now instead of a preschooler. My kids are growing, changing, developing and flourishing. It is amazing to watch them. I am fiercely proud and in total awe of them. Recently we had parent teacher conferences at the elementary school. Since the girl had dance class the same night, daddy took the kids to dance while I walked down to the school for the conference. I was met with a teacher who was smiling ear to ear and immediately burst out "If only I had a whole class of her" :)

Her report card (no grades, just plus marks) was fabulous and every word was a glowingly positive review of my little girl. I was beyond thrilled. Obviously I think she's the cat's meow but she's mine... I'm a little obligated to that that way. I look at her and see a bright little girl who makes friends easily but I'm not 20 5 year olds all day so I have nothing to compare her to. I know she's on track with the benchmarks she needs to meet but without knowing the curriculum or where others her age stand its hard for me to judge how she is doing. I was blown away to hear the teacher say that they can't challenge her enough and that she is far beyond what they have tested for. They were using a reading program and having the children read one book after another, each slightly more difficult, to see how far they would get. The teacher said they got so far with my little girl that they just had to stop her.

She is, at very least, reading at a 2nd grade level. She seriously only started reading around October so this is amazing to me. The problem we have now is finding books that are difficult enough to keep her challenged without being too involved to make her lose attention. She is, after all, just 5. She's not quite ready to sit and read chapter books on her own yet she needs the level of difficultly that those chapter books provide.

And then there is my 2 year old. He's 2 going on 12. He is such a mature little boy for two. Well, most of the time that is. The other night we baby-sat for a friend's 2 year old foster son. The two had several little tiffs and I discovered that my boy didn't like to share so much. It really surprised me because he's never had a problem sharing before. Of course he doesn't play with that many children his exact age and I think that there a little feeling of competition between them. When the little boy dirtied his diaper and ended up wearing a pair of my son's spider man pull ups... well, I could definitely see that he was feeling as though this boy was coming in to take his place. After the boy left though, D stood there waving, half teary eyed and said "when he come back?" I'll have to arrange for some play dates.

D is trying to potty train himself. The problem is, mommy isn't ready. I hate the whole potty training ordeal and I wanted to wait until spring/summer so that I don't have to worry about pulling off 40 layers of clothes to get him to the potty. So far his training attempts amount to him pulling off his clothes from the waist down and climbing up to sit on the potty. I find myself wondering if a potty chair is even necessary since he sits so well on the big potty. Anyway, next month we'll probably start working with him pretty enthusiastically. I would LOVE to be rid of the diapers for a while, that's for sure. We only had a break of about 3 months between the time his sister potty trained and he was born so I've basically been changing diapers for 5.5 years.

So.... are you still reading? Maybe this is why I don't blog... I'm so long winded! LOL

Anyway, as for me... I'm still around. I don't post often anywhere outside of ES these days. I'm still designing and still exclusive to ES at this point. I went through a period of time where designing just wasn't doing it for me. I had no creative energy and no desire to design. I did the bare minimum to get by with my commitments and bascially took a much needed break away from designing. In January my creativity returned and I've been slowly making my way back since then. :) Its nice to WANT to design again!