Thursday, June 05, 2008

storms, memories and clutter

I hate this feeling... We are expecting some pretty rough storms tonight and all we can do is wait. I don't like waiting. I don't like the unexpected. I feel very restless today. DH came home this morning with an article clipped from the Wichita Eagle. It said that the weather pattern we are looking at for tonight is similar to one in '74 when there were 39 tornadoes in a night. Dang if that doesn't make me feel good. :( It seems the worst of it will be around central Kansas but its still too close for comfort for me. We've had too many warnings lately and there have been too many tornadoes touch down with 50 miles of us. Its scary!

To help me pass the time today, I'm cleaning and scanning wedding pictures. I have to say, my new scanner ROCKS! We had a crappy 3 in 1 Lexmark before. I used it to scan pictures for our anniversary album (we hit 10 years in May!!) but the scans were bad and wouldn't have been good for anything other than what I used them for (small pictures in an 8x8 album). I have been itching to do a wedding album. My brother in law got married in October of '06 and my brother got married in October of '07 and I made each of them an 8x11 album through Shutterfly. I told DH that it sucked that they had wedding albums before we did and we've been married so much longer. I was getting ready to scan my wedding pictures when I realized two things... a- the scanner sucked and b- I lost my prints! Fortunately we have the negatives but the Lexmark wasn't going to cut it. DH surprised me by ordering me an Epson Perfection V500 Photo. I can scan ANYTHING now and the scans are awesome!

Besides scanning and fretting about the possible storms, I am trying to keep the kids occupied and clear out some of the clutter. My 5 year old is turning 6 at the end of this month. Part of her birthday present is a plasma car. Because I knew there would be fights, I ordered 2. I know have boxes strewn about from them being put together. I also haven't done any deep cleaning in a few days and things are starting to pile up on me again. I hate housework!


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