Friday, June 06, 2008

CT and more call!

Its been AGES since I've had a CT call. I mean like almost 2 years. My little CT has dwindled down to 3 people and while they totally ROCK, I do admit that we're feeling pretty lonely in my CT forum and could use some new faces to help liven the place up! :) I'm excited about this call and I hope that those applying are just as excited!

Here are the details... I'm looking for a few different kinds of people for this call. I need regular CT members, hybrid members, quickpage creators and some lively and motivated girls for my promotional team. When you apply, please make a notation as to what position you are interested in. If you wish to be considered for more than one position, please let me know what your first choice is.

CT Members

My CT terms are flexible. You will have access to my products via coupon code through Elemental Scraps. I ask that you use what you take and post your layouts to at least 3 galleries. There aren't any minimum monthly layout requirements but I am looking for active members so you can't just join and then never participate. I don't have minimum requirements because a) I feel that creativity can't be forced and b) life happens and sometimes its not possible to get everything done. However, if you go more than 6 weeks without posting layouts you will be removed from the team (unless other arrangements have been made) to make room for someone who wants to scrap with my products.

Hybrid scrappers will be required to do one hybrid project using my designs approx. every other month. Basically, as with the regular CT, I ask that you use what you take and post your projects to at least 3 galleries. I realize that hybrid projects often take a little more time and effor that digital layouts and therefore I ask that you have a project every 8 weeks or so. These projects can be cards, crafts, hybrid layouts, chipboard albums, etc. Be creative! One scrapper used one of my kits to make t-shirt transfers for her kids for Valentine's Day!

If you are interested in a CT position please email creativespiritscall @ gmail dot com with CT call in the subject line. If you are applying for a hybrid position please specify. Tell me a little about yourself, what other teams you are on and give me a link to your most complete gallery.

Promo team

No scrapping required! Do you like my designs but don't have time to scrap? Join my promotional team and you will have access to my designs in exchange for a little of your time. I am looking for team members to answer ISO ads (where my products may apply), post to the CT enabling thread at DST, help me run contests and give aways and to generally be a cheerleader for me. For this position I want you to be honest with yourself and with me and only apply if you really love my products. I want my promo team to be honest when they 'pimp' my products. :)

If you are interested in this position please email creativespiritscall @ gmail dot com with Promo team in the subject line. Please let me know a little about yourself, what teams you are on and what boards you are most actively a part of.

Quickpage Creators

I am looking for 2-5 scrappers to create quickpages using my products (and only my products). I would like at least 3-4 pages from each kit that you download. The finished product will be placed for sale by me. You will receive 50% of the net sales (paypal fees and store commission will be taken out) and will be paid out via PayPal. All products in my stores will be previewed according to the store guidelines. You may create a logo to be placed on the preview that credits you as the page designer.

To apply for this position please email me at creativespiritscall @ gmail dot com with QP creator in the subject line. Tell me a little about yourself, what teams you are currently on and link me to a gallery showing me your work. I want to see how well you would work with my products so I am going to be asking each applicant to do a set of quickpages using one of my kits. Please request which kit when you are applying.

And now pat yourself on the back for reading all of that!! If you think you have what it takes then email me at creativespiritscall @ gmail dot com! Call ends June 11th. You can check out my products at Elemental Scraps or Purple Paper Flowers