Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bad, bad blogger

I'm going to have to just face it. I'm rather sporadic when it comes to blogging. I always think of things to blog about but opening up blogger, typing everything out, adding links and pictures... well, its work. LOL I debate with myself.. blog or do dishes. Blog or feed the kids. You can guess what stuff comes first, eh?

Anyway, I wanted to update you on my CT call. I had a FABULOUS response and I am proud to say I have an awesome new team to join the already wonderful girls that have been with me forever! I will make a solid effort to get them announced by the end of the week. Feel free to kick me if I don't get it done. ;)

Let's see... in design news... I've got a LOT going on. I'm making some changes in where I sell my products, adding stores, subtracting stores, etc. I won't say anything quite yet because I want to wait until its time for official announcements but I will say that there are some pretty fun changes in store for me and I'm very excited!

In personal news... I go in on Thursday to have laparascopic surgery on my knee. In April I fell down the stairs (holding my 2 year old, who, thankfully was perfectly fine!) and twisted my knee something awful. In the process it seems I tore part of the meniscus. The tear is like a little flap that is moving around and often gets caught between the bones in my knee. This causes swelling, joint pain, etc. and makes it difficult for me to walk on inclines, go up and down stairs, etc. The ortho I met with was pretty confident that going in and cleaning up the torn area to smooth it out and keep it from getting pinched will alleviate the problems and I'll be good as new in no time. I'm excited because I haven't been able to do a lot of things I'm used to like hiking in our favorite state park. On the other hand, I'm nervous because I'll be under general anesthesia and there are always risks. I've only been under once and I was 15 and having my tonsils removed. I did fine then so I can't imagine I would have any adverse reactions now but... well, you know... it IS surgery. LOL My last 4 surgeries have all been done with me awake and either a spinal block or an epidural in place so I haven't had to worry about the anesthesia part in a while.

Anyway... I'll be back tomorrow with the exciting announcement of my CT girls and my new QP team!!


June F. said...

Oh Oh Shari, I hope you're not leaving ES?????

RealRach said...

I see you left PPF. Just when I find you, you leave. I thought I was going crazy one day when I went to look for something from you and you were not there. So then I see your name on the Sunshine Girls freebie list!! AHHH....All is well with the world now! Glad I found you and your little blog too!