Friday, January 23, 2009

too good to be true

I kicked butt yesterday and finished up not one but TWO new kits. I went to bed with more great products running through my mind. I woke, though, with a sore throat and feeling kind of rotten. I knew it was too good to last. The mojo is still flying but I keep having to stop to take meds and spray my poor throat with Cepacol spray (awesome stuff, by the way!). I'm prone to sinus infections so this is nothing new... just very inconvenient! LOL

Anyway... have you all checked out Janet Phillips' new site, The Daily Digi? I *have* to add it to my blogroll because I totally love that site and check in every few days to see what's new. There are so many great articles already and I know more are to come!


eph2810 said...

Oh dear - I do hope you feel better soon.

Looking forward seeing your new kit coming out - looks like some fun colors.