Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project 365

So, how many of you are participating in project 365? I am, but in a rather unofficial capacity. I'm not posting my photos daily or even uploading my camera daily but I have remembered to snap a picture every day so far and I have to say, its a great feeling to be taking pictures again! I used to be such a shutterbug that I would often take 100 pictures or more a day... pictures of my kids, my pets, my husband, random things I saw, etc. For some reason though, all of that stopped and the camera only came out when there was a special occasion and not even then sometimes. In that rare moment when I would sit down to scrap (rather than design), I would look through my picture folders only to find that I did not have very many pictures to chose between. It made me a little sad so when I started hearing about project 365 I vowed to rekindle that relationship my camera and I once had. I haven't done any layouts YET, but I definitely plan to!