Friday, July 22, 2011

longing for inspiration

I am in a slump big time. This a slump that has haunted me for years now. Its not a designing slump as you might think (given my lack of new products recently) but rather a scrapping slump. I long to sit down with photoshop, my photo files and an awesome kit and create beautiful art full of memories and stories. I think about scrapping often but can't bring myself to actually start a page. It feels unnatural to me, as though I am a newbie who has never scrapped a page and just isn't sure where to begin. I look at galleries for inspiration but I just end up realizing how much out of the loop I am when it comes to the scrapping side of this business. I design kits and I usually create a few quickpages to go with them (that I actually use for my own photos) but I never sit down and work on a page simply to scrap. I miss it. Once upon a time I was a layout a day kind of girl. There were days I did 4 or 5 layouts even. I used to get so excited and couldn't wait to share them in my gallery and with my husband and kids. Now its so rare that I actually scrap that I don't even bother putting anything in a gallery (not to mention my 'home' gallery closed along with my beloved Elemental Scraps last December) or even show the family. Yep, I'm definitely in a slump.

I have 4 8x8 frames hanging on my wall in the living room. Right now they hold layouts that were created using some Shabby Princess Piece of Cake quickpages. I love them but they are several years old and hold pictures of my kids back when they were 4 and 6 months (before I began designing!). I spent hours and hours recently sanding the walls in the living room to remove some poorly placed wall texture and then repainted. I love the color, I love the new knock down texture and I love the fresh white trim but I'm tired of looking at the same art work! I keep thinking I will make a canvas or at least replace the layouts in my 8x8 frames but when I sit down to work on it I freeze up and give up.

So, what motivates you? What starts you scrapping and keeps you scrapping?


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