Sunday, July 24, 2011

I miss crafting

We took a trip out of town today to get a little R&R and do some shopping for the kids for back to school. We decided to stop by Hobby Lobby because our couch pillows are in desperate need of some recovering and fabric was on sale. I tell you, I walked around that store drooling. I've been avoiding craft stores lately because I am working so hard to downsize and declutter and to simplify my life but boy... I miss getting all crafty! The fabric section could have easily been the destruction of my carefully planned budget. There were so many awesome prints and beautiful colors just calling my name. I seriously walked in circles looking at everything again and again while my family sat in chairs over by the patterns looking at me like I had lost my marbles and commenting that they were ready to leave. In the end I opted for some 'knotty' microfleece (raised circles in the fabric) in a plain brown. It is so fabulously soft and will make our couch pillows oh so comfy to cuddle with but boy... brown? I tried to get my husband to go for some awesome paisley print but he about laughed me out of the store. Just wait... I'll go back and get that paisley and recover the chair in our bedroom with it just for kicks. LOL

Anyway, I felt inspired as I left the craft store to open up photoshop and get my craft on in a more virtual, digital way. I think I'll work on a new kit inspired by some of the colors I was drawn to and maybe even create some new wall art for my home. My office is in the middle of a big remodel and the walls are currently a very pale gray with different colored swatches painted on here and there as I searched for that perfect color. The closest thing to art on the walls is a round chalkboard (made out of an old stool from my daughter's table and chair set she got when she turned 2!) hanging on the door. Perhaps the nothingness of my surroundings is contributing to the lack of inspiration elsewhere, eh?

I hope you are all busy scrapping and crafting and being inspired by whatever it is you love!


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