Friday, January 15, 2010

Scrap and Save two of my favorite things!

Its true, two of my favorite things are scrapping and saving money. Its best when I can do both together but I'll take 'em how I can get 'em!

Over at Elemental Scraps we've been talking about ways to find 'free' money. This has been a big hobby of mine the past year. I paid for nearly all of our Christmas presents using Amazon gift cards I got through SwagBucks.

SwagBucks is a search and win site and so much more! You can earn SwagBucks by searching the web using their search engine tool bar, by shopping, and now there are even special offers you can do to earn SwagBucks. In the past 2 days I've cashed out for 3 $5 Amazon gift cards! There are all sorts of gift cards and prizes you can snag with your SwagBucks though. If you haven't already signed up, you really should check it out. I installed the SwagBucks tool bar and I use it to navigate from one site to another (instead of using bookmarks for sites like FaceBook that I use often, I just type it in the search bar). I usually earn a $5 gift card about every other week.

Another site I tried recently is Cash Rocket GPT. I joined in November and made enough money to cash out (I love that you can cash out with only $5. Some sites make you hit $30 or more!) and then waited to see what would happen. There were some payment delays as the site waited for payment from sponsors but lo and behold, I logged in to my PayPal account today to find a payment from Cash Rocket GPT. That's another cool thing, you can cash out right to your PayPal account. Then you can spend your free money on anything you want! There is now the option to cash out for Amazon cards too which I will likely do in the future since I'm saving up for something big. :) Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a little screen shot of the payment in my PayPal account. It turned out a little smaller than I thought it would but its the one highlighted there at the bottom. Click on the image to see it larger.

Other popular ways to earn gift cards and cash are My Points, Inbox Dollars, Opinion Outpost (surveys) and Opinion Place (also surveys). I just did 2 surveys at Opinion Place good for $4 in Amazon gift cards and I did one the other day for $1 in Amazon gift cards. In the past I have done surveys for cash and they paid out to my PayPal each and every time. I love getting surprise money!

So, if you would like to find some 'free' money, check out some of these sites! And, while we're at it, since this post is about scrapping and saving... Here are 3 ways to save at my Elemental Scraps store! Coupon codes are valid through the end of January!


Anonymous said...

It is extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. BTW, try to add some pics :).

Victoria said...

very cool! We are gonna have to chat about this so you can lead me in the right direction ;)