Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sunbaked, waterlogged and grinning ear to ear

Aaah, I feel so refreshed! We had an amazing weekend. It was a shame we had to come home! It wasn't amazing so much in what we did, it was just so relaxing and fun. I'm worn out though and ready for a weekend away to recover from our weekend away! LOL

Yesterday I came home to an exciting announcement. I made it on to round 2 of the FPD Teacher's Pet apprentice program! In case you missed the first round, I'll give you a peek of my mini kit. It will not be available again until the end of the program but then I will offer it again as either a blog freebie or a mini kit in one of my stores.

Round 2 will consist of element packs so you will definitely want to keep an eye out on the gallery at FPD so that you can pick up the awesome packs available from the participants!


Mandi N. said...

That mini is sooo cute! I missed it at FPD... will you be putting it in your store?

Kelley said...

Hi Sherri,
You are one incredibly talented lady! I love the design kits you have created. I am really new to digi design but I LOVE it! I would really like to do some blog headers and layouts as a small business but I want to make sure I don't break any laws in the process. (As a full-time mom and part-time bible teacher it wouldn't look to good if I went to jail, lol).
Anyway,I am having trouble finding your terms of use. Do you allow that kind of use of your designs? I would love to hear any advice you have as far as that goes. Whatever happens with that, thanks for the free Mango Tango download, it will be fun for my own personal photos!!