Saturday, March 10, 2007

okay, okay... a real post!

Yep, a real post from me... not just another "I need to update" post. I've done too many of those lately. My blog seems to be the first thing to get tossed to the way side when I get busy and I know I really should be a better blogger.

First off... do you even know where to find my products? When I last posted a real blog entry, I was selling at Elemental Scraps and One of a Kind Scrapz. Soon after, I joined Digi Scrap Shak and this past January, I was blessed to be able to join some fabulous designers and good friends of mine over at DSD.

Okay... so now that you know where to find me, what are you waiting for? Shop! LOL!

March has been an exciting month for me so far in the digi-world. I am the featured designer at Elemental Scraps and I am hosting a new challenge each week and giving away some great prizes. There is a sampler in the store that you can all pick up for free and I am also offering a special promotion each week in the store. This week you can get my new Antique Hat Pin Alphabet free with any purchase (no minimums). Here's what it looks like...

This offer is good through March 12th and then I'll have another special offer in the store. I love being able to offer goodies like this to my customers. :)

Okay... the family is begging me to go out for icecream with them so I'll cut this short...


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